Ten Ways to Boost your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Ten Ways to Boost your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

As much as you’d like your equity crowdfunding campaign to go viral overnight – it’s highly unlikely that it will.  Even with great videos, graphics and content, millions of dollars won’t necessarily start pouring right in.  Campaigns need to be strategically driven from start to finish with marketing being a strong focus.  Be sure to incorporate the below 10 points in your marketing efforts for a better chance at a successful raise.

1.     Establish a unique brand and voice that cuts through the clutter; the marketplace is too crowded and competitive to lack in these areas.  Who are you as a business?  What do you stand for?  Your answers to those questions should be showcased in every marketing effort.

2.     Understand your audience.  What is it that it needs/wants?  Why will your audience support your idea?  Aim to form an emotional connection with audience members.  Once you’ve made that connection, you’ll not only gain brand loyalty, you’ll gain a brand advocate – someone who will increase your reach through social sharing and referrals.

3.     Have a plan and a detailed timeline.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Be strategic in your plan.  What worked well for one business, might not work well for you.  Would you market McDonalds the same way you would a fancy steakhouse?

4.     Get your online presence in order.  Make sure your website is functional and your online presence is consistent.  Imagery and colors should be the same throughout all social sites.  Lay the foundation of your brand before you start marketing.  Why would you invite company to a dinner party if you haven’t yet purchased a dining room table?

5.     Stick to the facts when marketing your raise – avoid exaggerations and outlandish claims such as, “We are bringing the best beer in the world to market.”  Many will admire your optimism but it’s not a fact and could land you in trouble with the SEC.  When in doubt – run your messaging by your lawyer.

6.      Secure media coverage.  Before you even begin creating content, take the time to build a list of target publications.  Developing relationships with reporters and bloggers can take time so tackle this before your content is ready to go live.  In your outreach, don’t ask for anything first – try offering advice or leaving valuable feedback instead.

7.     Get endorsed by influencers – research potential influencers and connect with them.  Word of mouth is powerful, especially when coming from a trusted source with a large following.  This relationship should be mutually beneficial.  Explain what the influencer’s audience will get out of the partnership.  Be clear about expectations from the start and make your offer stand out.

8.     Choose a quality equity crowdfunding platform that helps with the entire raise process and not just the raise itself.  Click here to see how Fundopolis can make a difference for you.

9.     Consider paid digital advertising.  Fundopolis provides all our issuers with optimized, paid web and social ads for no charge.  However, it’s always good to supplement our efforts with your own - consider tools such as Facebook ads and Google AdWords to drive traffic to your campaign and increase your brand’s visibility.

Stay consistent.  You will undoubtedly face bumps and roadblocks throughout your campaign.  Remain true to who you are as a company.  Think through your marketing decisions and don’t act radically.  Focusing on your mission and why you wanted to bring your idea to life will serve you well.