FREE Ways to Expand Your Company’s Online Presence Today

FREE Ways to Expand Your Company’s Online Presence Today

You’ve spent long nights, weekends and even Holidays developing and building your business.  However, once your business is launched, the hard work doesn’t end there.  Scaling your business takes effort, time and money.  If you’re like most new businesses, the third item can be hard to come by.  Below we’ve outlined several strategies you can try to establish and grow your business at no cost.

Advertise: You’ve built your company, established a brand and identity, so the most obvious strategy is to advertise.  Search engine optimization (SEO), social media and word of mouth all work to get your brand and website in front of people, and carefully tailoring your keywords to fit the exact niche you’re targeting, can be extremely beneficial in attracting the right audience to your site.

Social Media Marketing: Social media may seem like a vast, expansive world, but with properly curated business goals in mind, a marketing campaign built around social media can be incredibly effective.  Ask yourself: What message do you want to send to your audience?  What are you hoping to achieve?  Are you creating unique brand association?  Driving conversions on your site?  With social media, keyword research, intriguing content, a consistent look and feel, and tracking analytics can all lead to a successful campaign.

Adapt: Even if you follow all the rules precisely, success is not guaranteed in the marketing world.  Every site and campaign is different, so be prepared to test the ingredients to find the right recipe for your team.  This means varying the length and format of your content – tracking how detailed infographics are being received compared to more subtle imagery; or analyzing the length of videos to figure out which is having the greater impact.

Long-Tail Keywords: Keywords are, cough, key to drawing an audience to your product.  But using the correct keywords can be a difficult and arduous process, so taking advantage of long-tail keywords, which are longer, more specific phrases, can help your audience go from fishing in the ocean to fishing in a pond.  Use Google Suggest, related searched and mine your analytics to find patterns that are relevant to your business.

Don’t Forget about the Traditional Methods: While beautifully tailored content marketing can lead to increased site traffic, supporting those campaigns with a thoughtful email blast can go a long way.  With an established community supporting your venture who are passionate about what you believe in, connecting with your network - whether through content, email or even word-of-mouth - will impact the success of your site.

Blog: Blogging is an incredibly effective way to increase organic traffic to your site because it allows for an in-depth look into your brand persona that is sometimes not covered within your website.  Use blogs to create a sense of community in your niche market by linking and commenting on similar articles, finding common voices and industry leaders, and answering questions.  Beyond that, blogging can provide the opportunity to link internally, connecting interested parties to the heart of your site.

Finding the right combination of tools and developing a clear approach to driving traffic to your site can be difficult, but it certainly is not impossible.  Defining a business model and utilizing these free marketing strategies can exponentially increase viewership, conversions, sales and the overall success of your company.  Since your product and audience go hand-in-hand (or maybe phone-in-hand!), don’t be afraid to be bold and creative in your online marketing presence, and use the tools that are so readily accessible at your fingertips.