Five Businesses to Invest in on Fundopolis Today

Five Businesses to Invest in on Fundopolis Today

Interested in alternative investment opportunities?  Being able to invest directly in small businesses is a right given to everyday citizens by the JOBS Act.  The Act was passed in May 2012 and came to fruition in May 2016, making equity crowdfunding legal; before the Act was passed, only accredited investors (the very rich) could invest in private businesses.  Exercise that right and explore the unique opportunities that are live on our site now!

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Apothēka is the first blockchain, cloud-based electronic health records and information exchange platform that connects health care providers (hospitals, laboratories and physician practices), payers (insurance companies) and patients to deliver optimum care.

Due to the rising cost of buying a home, homeownership is a fading dream for many families in America. Bee Mortgage's mission is to make homeownership more affordable by combining their experience in mobile app development, mortgage loan origination and blockchain automation.

Connector LLC helps addiction service providers fill openings for services in the most efficient and ethical manner possible through affordable and intuitive technology.

Peeka is the platform where children read, learn and play in virtual reality.  With Peeka, virtual reality children’s books will enable kids to jump into their favorite stories.  Together with publishers, parents and schools, Peeka strives to increase elementary students’ reading comprehension and engagement.

Tennessee Hemp Clones offers high CBD cultivated hemp strains to licensed hemp cultivators, extractors and manufacturers across America.  Proven, tested, trusted genetics and processes saves American farmers time, increase their yields and lower failure rates.