Build your Email List - and your Community – While Working from Home

Build your Email List - and your Community – While Working from Home

To grow your business, you need to reach more people.  In a time of social distancing, learn how to build your list and cultivate long-term fans right from your computer

From influencer marketing to artificial intelligence marketing, you may be wondering if traditional Email marketing should still have a place in your overall business strategy.  According to Hubspot, Email generates $38 for every $1 spent – a ROI of 3,800 percent!  So, the question shouldn’t be “Should I build an email list?”, but “How can I build my list as quickly and effectively as possible?”

Email marketing allows you to share your story, promote your business and showcase your products – turning your fans into loyal customers.  It may be tempting to buy an email list, but it’s best to collect emails from people who really want to hear from you.  Buying email subscribers isn’t going to help you in the short-or long run.  Build your list and relationships today with the online tactics below.

1.     Choose an email marketing service that works for you.  MailChimp offers a basic, free plan while Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot and Hubspot are good option for more complex and thorough campaigns.

2.     Add a popup form on your site.  Offer exclusive content or a promotion to capture new leads.

3.      Post a link to your sign-up page across all of your social accounts including Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. encouraging people to sign up.

4.     Going a step further, create a Facebook ad campaign that encourages sign-ups.

5.     Add a link in your email signature that leads people to a page where they can sign up.

6.     Shorten your lead capture forms – adding too many fields can scare people off.

7.     Create and regularly contribute to a blog that readers can subscribe to.  This will help with your Google rankings as well – a win-win!

8.     Guest blog for other websites.  Include a call to action for readers to subscribe to your blog or email content.

9.     Encourage subscribers to share and forward emails.  Include social sharing buttons at the bottom of your emails.

10.  Host an online webinar or event where people need to provide their email address to register.

11.  Consider giving a discount or promo code to those who sign up for your emails.

12.  Not into discounts?  Give away free content – long-form, quality content including videos, eBooks and white Papers when someone signs up.

Try to attack email and community list-building from as many angles as possible.  The more avenues you try – the more you can grow your list – and your business by leaps and bounds!