Fundopolis’ Special Offer in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Small Businesses Need Financial Support

With a future uncertain, we understand that small businesses need financial support to stay afloat and pay their employees. Fundopolis is offering its portal to small businesses owners and allowing them to receive funding directly from those who know and love what they do.  Existing small businesses can now reach out to their customers and social following to help them through this trying time with Fundopolis’ special offering detailed below.

50% Off Fees*

Our 2% securities fee is waived for this special offer, and Fundopolis fees (normally 4% in cash at the close of offering) are temporarily reduced to 3% for this offering.*50% refers to the Escrow fee and Fundopolis’ overall fee but does not apply to certain pass through fees.  Contact the Fundsquad for more information.

No Upfront Fees

The escrow setup fee has been cut in half and all fees can be paid out of your funding at the close of the raise.

No Payments for a Year

A debt offering with a $10,000 minimum raise goal and a $50,000 maximum raise goal.  This offering will be interest-free and payment-free for one full year.  After one full year, the debt security will operate like a loan with a return rate of your choosing, but no less than 3%.

Small businesses are the backbone of our country and Fundopolis recognizes the importance of doing our part during uncertain times.  We hope that by providing small businesses with a quick way to receive funding, they will still be standing and serving when all this is through – as they always have been.

Together, we yield the greatest return.

  1. Get Started Now
  2. Sign up for an account on Fundopolis by clicking here.
  3. Confirm your email address (double check spam).
  4. Create a Company Profile.  Log into your Fundopolis account and click the “Create a Company Profile” button.
  5. Start a Raise.  Select “Raise Funds,” then “Start a Raise” in the header of the site.
  6. Fill out our Prescreen Questionnaire to see if you qualify.